When Bradley Hannon was in town visiting the office, Landon McCarter and I had the opportunity to pick his brain as he is THE health insurance guru selling health and life insurance. 

With less than five years in the business, Bradley has grown his team and produces over $1 Million in healthcare policies every year himself. 

Brad reflected while chatting with us over his ups and downs during his time in the industry. Brad had to start from scratch twice during his career. “It’s going to be the best thing I’ve ever been through, and I believed that wholeheartedly at the time.” 

“It was devastating at the time, but looking at the positives to know that I could do it again, I knew there wasn’t a fear of failure, rather I leaned into the fear.” 

He provided tangible advice on how to be a leader and how you can grow your leadership. He suggested creating a “5 Tool Agent” to recruit, train, sell, etc. so that they can also be producing sales while managing a team. Brad has enjoyed being able to grow his team while he himself sells over $1 Million in policies a year.

If you’re interested in health insurance or thinking about selling health insurance – give this podcast a view.

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