Top Strategies for Customer Retention

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It doesn’t do you any good if you aren’t keeping any of your sales. Customer retention is a HUGE part of why agents are so successful in the business. 

Send a Thank You card after making a sale with a personalized connection. 

Send out a monthly newsletter or an email with an update on your life and product announcements. 

A Birthday card makes a simple yet effective way to be intentional with your clients. 

Two of my peers local to me plan a customer appreciation event every single year to foster LOYALTY. 

Add your clients on social media where you will be able to engage socially with them and send them a video on Facebook on their birthday. Something as simple and kind as this will increase the engagement on your socials, and you’ll create a bond to keep your customer retention.

I hope that these tips work and I can’t wait to see how you use them! 


Good habits can transform your career and sales.

I like to check in with my sales team every single day. With daily training and growth, I have been turning good habits into sales. 

I had my sales team sit down and break down the different tips and opportunities available.

By creating good habits with routine, eating healthy, drinking your water, and working out, you can increase your sales. Leaders train, make sacrifices, and they work hard. 

In the insurance industry, we are given the promise of freedom, but what we do with that freedom that determines our earnings. By being clear on training, work ethics, and where we’re going, we can put ourselves in a situation we want to be in. 

Below I have listed my game-changing habits that successful people to increase your sales.

  • Forward thinkers
    • Looking towards the future and the next goals
  • Great habits
    • Eating healthy
    • Drinking water
    • Working out or moving their body every day
    • Focusing on energy
    • Creating a positive routine
  • Training
    • Focus on growth and working towards goals
  • Working hard
    • Driving home what they are working towards every day.

We are constantly making changes within the business to pivot in the right direction. We retain our focus on the future while trying to future our present. I promise if you watch my videos, enroll in my sales training, and put this work into practice, that YOU will see an increase in your sales. Click here to watch the video/



In my Free E-Book, I have provided some of my tips and tricks to help you master your calls.

Making these simple adjustments during your phone calls is going to make a huge difference.

First, instead of saying, “Hello, is this Betty,” say “Hello Betty.” By confidently saying their name, you eliminate any thought of being a telemarketer or a salesperson.

Second, use your first name. By not providing your last name or company, the conversation flows easier, and this doesn’t give them an opportunity to interject or try to leave the call.

Third, don’t ask what everyone else does – don’t ask how they are. You don’t know this person, and you don’t care how they are. Don’t make small talk that makes both people uncomfortable.

Fourth, don’t pause. By pausing, you’re waiting for them to take control of the conversation. Have your thought process completed before you get on the call. You will sound more confident, and you direct what is being conversed with.

And finally, sell a “drop-off” time. By only dropping something off, have the opportunity to get face to face with them, and they aren’t worried about you trying to sell something. 

Give these calling tips a try and comment below your thoughts. How did this work for you? Have you done any of these before? 


Are you comfortable with sales calls? Do you do the same routine with every single person? 

I’m here to tell you I change my calls up, person to person, but my routine is the backbone of each call. 

First, I start with the Warm-Up – I get to know them and build rapport. Both of us chat so that we get to know each other. Using either FORM or FORD gives you advice to create a topic. FORM: Family, Occupation, Recreation, then into the Message. FORD: Family, Occupation, Recreation, and Desires. 

Second, I get into my fact-finding. I share my money-bag presentation. I ask questions that I will be able to assist with during my presentation. The goal is then to give a long term solution. 

Third, I present and close. On my YouTube channel, I have produced videos with presenting and closing ideas. Also, I have personalized training for companies or one-on-one to give you more advice in this area. I touch on five benefits that I am going to help them solve and then pick three that will be the best options. Please make sure that it’s engaging along the way and they are saying yes. 

I provide in order the plans from largest to smallest. I also have nine trial closes ready to banter back and forth to see where they might be most interested.

Finally, I do my cool down where I bring the client from business to chatter. You want to confirm the client saw value in what you’re selling and ask questions. Then you will explain what happens next. This is the time to ask for a referral. For the next five to ten minutes, slow down and chat so when you get off the phone, they aren’t thinking of the sale but rather that you were so kind and got to know them.

If you are more interested in my specific techniques or direct examples, make sure to look into either my Success Society or my Sales System. I have a ton of options for how I can assist you through your insurance agent career.