If you’re searching for clients constantly, making sales doesn’t do you any good  if you aren’t keeping your sales. Customer retention is a HUGE part of why agents are so successful in the business. 

Thank You Card

After making a sale, make sure that you send a personalized Thank You card. Making a mention of their personal life will make them likely to continue to connect with you.

Monthly Newsletter

A monthly newsletter every single month will offer some fun ways to stay connected with updated, new products, and then a tip or a trick to my clients. Keep a team for that month and make sure to reference personal things, and you’ll keep clients.

This is a great way to stay fresh in the insurance field and keep your clients in the loop. This way they will want to call you for help and refer new clients to you.

Birthday Card

Sending a personalized card with a simple saying will make their day. Included in the birthday card, write a short memo and include a $1 bill. Make a note on the card about how little Coke cost when it first released and tell them, “Have a Coke on me.” This is a creative, affordable, and fun way to keep your clients top of mind. 

Customer Appreciation

Two local agents near my office plan a Customer Appreciation event every single year. It is a fun way to network, feed people, and a great way to receive new business, referrals, cross-selling. The best part is that they have huge turnouts and can engage with clients. Events like this, creates loyalty so that your clients don’t plan on leaving your brand.

Social Engagement

When you add your clients to social media, they can see what you’re doing, and engage with them. Staying relevant to your clients will make you feel more like family. Also, on Facebook you can make a quick video to send to them on their birthday and tell them they have something coming in the mail. They will be excited and appreciate it more than you know.

I hope that these tips work and I can’t wait to see how you use them!

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