In my Free E-Book, I have provided some of my tips and tricks to help you master your calls.

Making these simple adjustments during your phone calls is going to make a huge difference.

First, instead of saying, “Hello, is this Betty,” say “Hello Betty.” By confidently saying their name, you eliminate any thought of being a telemarketer or a salesperson.

Second, use your first name. By not providing your last name or company, the conversation flows easier, and this doesn’t give them an opportunity to interject or try to leave the call.

Third, don’t ask what everyone else does – don’t ask how they are. You don’t know this person, and you don’t care how they are. Don’t make small talk that makes both people uncomfortable.

Fourth, don’t pause. By pausing, you’re waiting for them to take control of the conversation. Have your thought process completed before you get on the call. You will sound more confident, and you direct what is being conversed with.

And finally, sell a “drop-off” time. By only dropping something off, have the opportunity to get face to face with them, and they aren’t worried about you trying to sell something. 

Give these calling tips a try and comment below your thoughts. How did this work for you? Have you done any of these before? 

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