I got started in the insurance industry when I was 19 years. My father has been in the industry for the last 30 years. I was raised around the industry, and I never thought I would be in the industry myself. 

For several years, I did insurance until one day; a Mid-Missouri peer called me to help train insurance agents to better their door-knocking skills. After that day, I realized that I found my passion for training other insurance agents. 

While I started transitioning into training insurance agents, I began posting videos on YouTube. For weeks and months, nobody was watching. A year and two years in, I was hitting small milestones. Eventually, I got to the point where people were reaching out to me – the demand started to come in. 

I started realizing how to fulfill the demand that our market needed. Little by little, I started building our business and our brand. 

You have to remember that when you’re looking at other people’s lives, you can’t look at their chapter 40 and your chapter 5. 

Everything that we do in our office is essential.

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7 Traits of Successful Agents

How far are you willing to go to be successful? If you follow and put these seven things into action, you will reap the rewards. I am sharing with you seven different traits of highly successful insurance agents.

Willing to Take Risks

Successful people are willing to bet on themselves.  

The Ability to Put In the Work

How likely are you to put in the action, day in and day out?

I can always do more, but I show up every single day to find my balance to accomplish my commitments.

Able to Admit When Wrong

Nobody ENJOYS being wrong, but successful people admit and learn from mistakes.

You have to be wrong to succeed.

Willing to Adapt

When things are not going well, are you able to take it in strides?

 Willing to Delegate

It’s good to have your hands in many areas of your business. By delegating, you can have others perform at their best while you fine-tune what’s next. 

 Willing to Invest in Themselves and Their Business

When you commit ALL IN – a snowball effect will happen by investing in yourself.

Talk About Ideas

When surrounded by others of likemindedness, my last thought is negativity or gossip.

Instead, I want to talk about what I want to do, where I want to go, and what is next for me.

A successful person is excited by starting something new and growing.

BONUS: See the Course – Stay the Course

No matter what happened during the day, if you didn’t have a sale, if you lack motivation or you’re scared of failure – you need to stay the course. Are your thoughts and conversations big, positive, exciting? If not, you might want to soul search what changes need to be made.

Being thankful is essential to invest back in yourself. Make sure to implement these seven things in your business so that you can see success NOW. What do you think about these seven traits? 

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