Coach Michael Burt and I discuss characteristics of highly successful salespeople. While there is no single formula for success, these ideas are the core DNA of success. Measures of success are different from person to person, but reaching success is obtainable. 


Highly successful people aren’t generalists; they specialize in an area of expertise. Learning doesn’t stop after you’ve specialized. Intellectual capital will always trump financial capital. Your skills are priceless and they are either helping you advance your career or hindering your life. These individuals are at the top of their games. 


They have incredible skills that help them be excellent salespeople, a pray drive, and are constantly confident. They are constantly working on their skills to be competitive in their field. Establishing soft skills are also important and often overlooked. Soft skills are personal attributes that influence how well you can work with others thus making it easier to form relationships, create trust, and lead a team.


Energy is essential. Focus, passion, and purpose all drive highly successful individuals. They keep their cups full because they have found an area that they are loving. Your energy can make or break your team’s atmosphere.


Someone who wants to do something big in the world wakes up hungry because they want to get something done. Honing in on your specific desire helps you succeed.


Having a friendly, attentive, yet confident attitude that isn’t arrogant or stuff makes the difference. People connect with confident and skilled individuals. 


Being able to connect to anyone at any time and anywhere is good connectivity. Being successful in this area is by having many people feel connected to you. Success is how many people feel connected to you

Heat Networks

People with smaller incomes have smaller networks. By getting involved and networking, you will expand your network that will give way to more relationships. This raises your personal interest number, which means the bigger your network will grow.

Free Price

What makes you unique that is different from every other person in the world? For example, Coach Burt shares that his real estate agents give him leads due to their connection because he believes in Coach Burt. 

People of interest have ingredients – they aren’t generalists, they are specialists; in an area of knowledge. They have incredible skills, and are at the top of their game. They can make you feel like a million bucks and they are wonderful salespeople. 

Do you have these characteristics in your current lifestyle now? 

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