One of the biggest misconceptions is that nobody makes a living selling health insurance.

While Brad Hannon was visiting in Springfield, Missouri, I had him share how he makes a continuous 6-figure income year after year and is on his way to hitting a 7-figure income.

Stay in Your Ten

Focus your energy and talents on where you can be most effective. Learn new things, but make sure to keep your abilities sharp.

Find Your Niche to Expand Your Services

You have to be focused on one section of the industry. Be the best that you can be in that area. Once you understand and have clients, continue to serve them. When you have more time, learn to expand, and offer more services to create a more substantial income.

Residual Income

By retaining clients, you will create a residual income. That means payment will continue to get paid to you while they use you as their agent.


Referrals are critical to your business because your current clients can offer new individuals who need your services. Happy users are more likely to offer someone new.

Understand and Overcome Limiting Beliefs

A limited belief is that anything in your mind or way doesn’t let you hit your goals.

Money is motivating, but when Brad turned money into a scoreboard to see what he could make, he changed his beliefs on what he was “worth.” Shattering the ceiling, breaking down goals, understanding how to get to where you want to go, and making it a challenge will help you overcome and go where you want to go.

Leaving Your Comfort Zone

Put your best foot forward; challenge yourself once every single day. Many agents struggle to be okay with fear; when you leave your comfort zone and lean into your fear, you’ll find more confidence.

Use these tips to make sure that you’re making a difference in your business and challenging your team.

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