Landon and I sat down for the first time in a few weeks to unpack the best marketing secrets of 2020.

Landon and I co-own a Marketing Insurance Company here in the heart of Springfield, Missouri. Landon’s experience in marketing mixed with my experience with marketing gives you the best of both worlds.

If you’re going to be spending the money, where do you want the value coming back to you? Do you have a short term goal, or do you want long term strategies?

The significant difference in this decision is to commit to a budget you’re able to work with and set to work in either your short or long term strategies. Understanding SEO, website development, and organic content is a major difference.

The return on investment is changing – if you align your budget with your goals, you will get to where you want to go sooner than you realized.

Let us help you because we have the #1 Insurance Marketing Secret in 2020! SAMSON. If you’re looking to create 12 touches in 72 hours to create hot hot engagement, this is what you must get!

SAMSON is your best friend if you want to maximize your automatic touches, text reminders, email notification, and appointment setting.

The best way to take your business where you want it to go: set a long-term strategy, create a website, educate your clients, product content, and be the best on Google.

Let us help you, and as we are the #1 Insurance Marketing and Training Headquarters.

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