If you’re afraid of picking up the phone, you may struggle in this business. However, you can still do a few things to have success as an insurance agent without calling a prospect or lead.

I’m sharing what you can do to set an appointment WITHOUT ever calling an insurance lead.

Set Appointments Via Text

First, utilize texting. You can either manually text all of your leads or you can schedule texts to go out. Make sure to personalize the message with their first name. If you follow up with them after they’ve filled out the information, including something fun they provided, such as their favorite color.   


Now, your response rate is going to be lower, but it’s simple. I prefer text over email. You can send whatever you send over text to your email list. It’s easy to curate, plan out, and respond to clients. 

What To Say

You should always finish with a question. Ensuring that you’re connected to your leads and providing a call to action will produce a higher chance of receiving a text back. Even if the text back isn’t what you wanted, the goal is to receive a response, regardless of the answer. 

Get creative and utilize all methods of communication such as: calling on the phone, texting, email, and door knocking. Some people won’t text you back, some people won’t call you back, and some people won’t be home, but using various methods and having objections ready, you can set appointments without calling leads. 

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