With the rise of insurance agents growing, it’s essential to create a strong personal brand that you can stand on to keep you afloat in the land of social marketing. With the general noise of our daily lives, if your brand isn’t unique, you’ll be left behind. 

Determining your marketing strategy, values, and logo is your first step in personalizing your brand. When brainstorming for your marketing strategy, it’s simpler than you think. You have to get started; with social media and create a blog. Decide when you will be posting content and stay consistent. You can hire someone to create your logo or create one online with various apps available.

To personalize your brand, identify your target audience, and ensure your personality shines through. People buy from you because you are knowledgeable, but also because they enjoy your personality. Let your brand become the online presence of your character.

Pinpoint what makes you unique and what problems you are going to solve for your consumer. By doing this, you will illuminate why you’re the person for the job and will give you objections ready to go when working on pitches.

After that point, identify your passion and become an expert in a single area. You will want to create a core message coining your passion and expert area, together. When I was in the insurance business, I focused on final expense to specialize in. I made it my mission to solve problems and share my passion in a very exact area.

You will want to grow your socials; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Creating constant exposure, constantly putting content on social media, will increase your visibility, thus increasing your word of mouth. You will use the marketing strategy that you pinpointed in the beginning and use your core expertise to share advice or tips.

Remember, your brand still needs your communication skills, interpersonal interactions, phone calls, and online presence. After establishing a relationship with your client, do not overlook the fact that you can ask for referrals or testimonials. Creating referrals will establish credibility and create a chain reaction as they compound.

Last but most important, make sure to be yourself. People will want to use your brand if your personality shines through. Being thoughtful, kind, and passionate about insurance will show more than what effort you’ve put into your brand.

I always tell people that at the beginning, I created content to put content out. I kept doing what I was doing, and with hard work, my audience grew. You may not be a YouTuber, but find something you are passionate about and make sure to put your heart into. 

I also try to wear my brand whenever I can. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to yell, “Hey I do insurance.” But you are a walking billboard and why promote another brand when you can promote your brand. 

Nowadays, it’s no longer about selling first. It used to be; don’t tell your secrets, don’t give anything away, don’t share your knowledge. Now it’s all about sharing value, education, and selling comes last. It’s now about how much you can give for free to convince them that you’re providing enough value that they care. Then, when they think of what you offer, will they think of you? 

Branding can be hard, but you have to get started at some point. Identifying your brand, your personality, and your expertise will ease your beginning so you can focus on what you do best.

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