I am showing you the #1 FASTEST way to grow a Property and Casualty Insurance Agency

To go from 0 to 1,000 households, you’ll bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars in a year! I did the math, and you only need to talk to 20 new households to hit 1,000 new homes in a year, which is ONLY four per day. 

Building a Sales Team

I would make this a reality by creating a sales team. I would give them a base + commission and have them work a warm market while cold calling and have them call leads and prospects.


I’ve built a lot of sales teams, and the best salespeople are by referrals. I have a policy that if you refer someone and they work out with the company, I offer my agent who referred the new person a bonus.


Regardless of how great your salespeople are, you should keep a P&L and track their numbers daily, weekly, and monthly. I look at them every 90 days and have conversations with them over the data.

Daily Improvement

Right away, they need to receive sales training by video’s, teaching, books, or podcasts. If you’re not training, you’re moving backward.


Everyone needs to be awake and ready because the expectations are high. We do push-ups, jumping jacks, run in place, etc. every single day twice a day. The energy HAS to be up. We used to not make sales every day for a few hours. Now, we can make sales RIGHT AWAY because energy is contagious. 

Role Play

Every single day we role-play a few times a day to have a fresh brain going and get your creative juices flowing. 

Overall, you NEED to build a team. I’ve found that successful people have teams. Find yourself team members who you can plug them in, and they’re going to be successful in their own right. 

In turn, by having coachable team members, by daily improvement, and scaling your numbers, you are going to be successful. 

This video is KEY to your success in growing your P&C Insurance Agency. 

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