I have the opportunity to chat with J.R. Orenstein, who has agents generating around 12 inbound referrals every single day. 

Once you have a few clients who are so happy with your efforts and success, they share with their co-workers, friends, and family. The excellent work that you’ve done will spread like a snowball.  

The personal referrals give an overall positive impression on the company. Referrals give your company a competitive edge over your competitors. If you have satisfied clients on your books, you have nothing to lose.

The philosophy behind customers of the insurance industry is that every insurance company is the same. You need to minimize the price factor because you’re providing so much value that the person is just happy the price isn’t double what it is.

Creating relationships with clients, calling individuals, networking groups, and social gatherings are great places to meet new people to mingle and chat with them. All of these people need insurance; your goal is to get in front of them. 

Like we said earlier, many people view insurance as all the same, so our advice is to minimize the price factor. What you want to do is BEEF up the value and the opportunities they will receive, so they are surprised by how low the price for your products is. Since we have no control over the price, we have to make sure we communicate to them that our value and character is the COMPANY to work with.

JR’s advice and knowledge is impressive. If you’re interested in learning more information, watch the rest here: https://bit.ly/2DfNzNX

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