a picture of someone tapping on their cell phone

If you’re interested in bettering your phone calls and sales, these five things will improve your ability to convert over the phone.


From the Hello to the Thank you, you need to be prepared every step of the way. With a higher skill level, your agents are going to be able to convert more sales. I’m passionate about phone sales, and if you have the right training, you can too.

Quip your clients with what to do, when to do it, how to do it, where to do it, and why to do it. Providing training videos and calling scripts is crucial. Being able to help your agents overcome objections so that they understand the entire sales process will give them everything they need.


Resources are important. You need to be able to handle live transfers, various ways to gain leads, and what to say during your introduction.  

Harvard says the first 4 seconds of the call is POWERFUL to make sure you convert the sale. I believe even the first 60 seconds are paramount.

While you have similarities between face to face and over the phone, there are differences, and being prepared with what you need to know and what you’ll be able to pull out from training will help you convert people over the phone.


Marketing is just as important as the others. Where are you getting your leads, what do they look like and where are you getting them? 

I’ve created Telesales Mastery Members to help you better understand telesales and assist you on what leads you should be using. In my group, I provide discounts with vendors and marketing companies.


You want to be able to have technology that works for you. Creating a pipeline that acts like a funnel that can help you dial, move a lead forward, close them as a sale, or follow up with them is essential. 

In Telesales Mastery Members, I offer discounts on headsets, dialers, calendar pieces, CRM’s and more. 


You want to take all of the questions out of your setup with a carrier. Understanding what is popular when it comes to sales, what electronic apps do they offer, what the process looks like, and how many carriers do you need?

Using a popular carrier and understanding the process will only help you succeed.

These five things that you need to sell insurance over the phone will help you get started. Want to learn more, call my office or join Telesales Mastery Members here.