Are you an insurance agent who struggles converting insurance leads into sales?

Harvard Business Review did a case study covering three years, 15,000 unique internet leads, and over 100,000 calls, they found this:

  • Best days to contact people are: Wednesday and Thursday
  • Best time to call people are from 8 am to 9 am and then from 4 pm to 6 pm
  • Most sales happened between the fifth to the twelfth point of contact 

How many times are you contacting people? Are you persistent? What are you doing during your phone calls?

Many times people are paying for leads, and often agents do not follow up with their leads. 

By the time you’ve hit your sixth point of contact, you open your chances of contact to a 90% success rate. 

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One of my top secrets is TRIPLE dialing. Utilizing various numbers to contact people will increase your answer rate. You need to have conversations with leads versus just having leads. Leads are an opportunity to make a sale – but not a guaranteed sale. 

Changing up the times that you call your leads is essential. If you only call at 3 pm and they never answer – they might be unavailable. Calling at various points during the day will increase making contact.

Using these tips will help you convert leads into sales. Remember, 80% of sales happen between the fifth to twelfth point of contact. Work hard, and I know you will find success.


Are you comfortable with sales calls? Do you do the same routine with every single person? 

I’m here to tell you I change my calls up, person to person, but my routine is the backbone of each call. 

First, I start with the Warm-Up – I get to know them and build rapport. Both of us chat so that we get to know each other. Using either FORM or FORD gives you advice to create a topic. FORM: Family, Occupation, Recreation, then into the Message. FORD: Family, Occupation, Recreation, and Desires. 

Second, I get into my fact-finding. I share my money-bag presentation. I ask questions that I will be able to assist with during my presentation. The goal is then to give a long term solution. 

Third, I present and close. On my YouTube channel, I have produced videos with presenting and closing ideas. Also, I have personalized training for companies or one-on-one to give you more advice in this area. I touch on five benefits that I am going to help them solve and then pick three that will be the best options. Please make sure that it’s engaging along the way and they are saying yes. 

I provide in order the plans from largest to smallest. I also have nine trial closes ready to banter back and forth to see where they might be most interested.

Finally, I do my cool down where I bring the client from business to chatter. You want to confirm the client saw value in what you’re selling and ask questions. Then you will explain what happens next. This is the time to ask for a referral. For the next five to ten minutes, slow down and chat so when you get off the phone, they aren’t thinking of the sale but rather that you were so kind and got to know them.

If you are more interested in my specific techniques or direct examples, make sure to look into either my Success Society or my Sales System. I have a ton of options for how I can assist you through your insurance agent career.


Cross Selling As An Insurance Agent. Cody Askins.

Can you confidently cross-sell various insurance products within one sales call?

Taking control of a phone call and leading the direction you want it to go is essential.

Do you have a reliable script with transitions, ready to go?

I set my calls up with reference to a “Money Bag.” Many clients express that there are four areas of money loss when nearing retirement. 

The Four Money Bag Concern Areas Are:

Health Expenses

This can drastically reduce what is remaining in retirement due to the high cost. From health issues to conditions, you can sell Medicare regardless of age. Make sure to fact-find and see what they currently have and if it works.

Final Expense

If you want to leave a legacy for your family and provide a small benefit when our time comes, you want to do this. Without this coverage, the cost will increase quickly and take a significant amount of money before you pass.

Long Term Care

70% of seniors age 75 or older end up with the need for care. While on the phone, ask the question, “What do you have to offset this high cost,” gives you the opportunity to offer up: Long-Term Care or Hybrid Life Insurance. 

Taxes and Income

Many people have money set aside but are worried it’s not enough to last. Taxes are going to be avoidable, and the cost of living is always increasing, but your clients have options, which is where you come in to offer a solution.

This “Money Bag” idea is perfect for fact-finding and provides tips for those of you looking for cross-selling opportunities.