8% Elite Program: $399/month

There’s no better investment than an investment made in yourself. When you choose to invest in yourself and your business by joining the 8% Elite coaching program, you are making a commitment to achieve more. As a member of this exclusive coaching program, Cody Askins will give you all the tools you need and guide you towards reaching the next level of your true potential and going beyond what you ever thought possible.

Monthly Virtual Training

Cody loves to breakdown concepts and train you on specific things that helped him grow and scale. This monthly training will provide you with nuggets, ideas, and value that you didn’t even know existed yet.

Quarterly Mastermind

How would you like to learn from other top-earners? This mastermind will give you the ability to ask questions and learn from some major players who you’d normally never get access to. Cody will bring on a celebrity co-host every quarter.

Exclusive Penthouse Party

Access to Networking is HUGE! You’ve been cordially invited to join Cody and all of the other program members to an exclusive, private party in Cody’s penthouse at 8% Nation.

Weekly Accountability

You will receive a weekly email straight from Cody to keep you on track with your goals and to give you fresh new ideas to hold you accountable.

Secret Facebook Group

Secret means SECRET… No one outside of Cody’s 8% Elite program is allowed to be apart of this extremely exclusive Facebook group. This is a great way to learn from Cody and network with other power players.

Access to Weekend Retreats

Cody calls these VACeducations… he loves hanging out and teaching top people. Spending a weekend taking a deep dive into your business and learning from Cody and a co-host is a great way to blow up your brand.

Monthly Mystery Box

We are massive believers in personal development, self improvement, training, and coaching. Cody will design a special box focused on numerous ways to help you improve and achieve your goals.

Access to the 8% Network

One of the biggest things Cody has taken away from his growth over the last 10 years is getting to know other power players. He truly believes in surrounding yourself with and networking with people that make you think bigger. This is THE most attractive network in our industry.

2 VIP Tickets to 8% Nation

We will gift you with 2 complimentary VIP tickets to 8% Nation. This is the ultimate way to learn, get motivated, and come up with new, fresh ideas to guarantee you scale.

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